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We organise and host Introductions Events
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Who London Introductions Events

Every second Sunday of the month from 5pm-7.30pm we host our Introductions Event at the same venue in the heart of London. These special events give you the opportunity to meet lots of new people, make new friends or meet a partner as we bring people together in a properly hosted environment.

Whilst our events are really modern, we believe in good old-fashioned hosting and so you'll receive more than just a warm welcome! Our event hosts make all the difference ensuring everyone is included throughout the whole event.

The events have a relaxed structure and we chat casually over drinks in our reserved Who London space. You'll have around 20 minutes to chat with some other Who Londoners before we move together to another group. These events are designed specially for getting to know more Who Londoners in a short space of time, rather than only being able to speak with a few people. Have a good look at our Next Event details!

You can book as a guest or join as a member for: up to 50% off their ticket, a free drink at every event, on-site private member messaging and Friend Requests, personal activity updates to share what's on your mind, member-only blog posts to introduce yourself/chat, our monthly member newsletter of places to go out to and an optional welcome video chat.

What Who Londoners Say

“Excellent organisation ensured everyone was welcomed … Friendly atmosphere, wonderful people. Thank you for organising such an AMAZING platform.”

“....meeting so many new people, so much in common with some of them. A real treat. The Icing on the cake, Alex & Carole such fabulous hosts, thank you very much.”

“It was all lovely and a good turn out of interesting people making it a good social night.”

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