2016 In Review

2016 has gone super fast and we take a look back at what we’ve been up to over the past year….

Our website: wholondon.co.uk

Most recently, we redesigned our Who London video for our website and here it is – see a couple of events in action and a range of event photos! We hope you’re looking forward to viewing more in 2017….

Throughout 2016 we focused on more top images for our event listings too, particularly more venue photos so you can decide the events especially for you.


We started our Member Offers later in the year, adding even more value to our £5 per month membership fee. Not only do you receive events at better rate as a member (this will improve even more in 2017 with new event pricing to follow), you get discounts from our partner organisations, including Virgin Experience Days, Archant Magazines, and Mindful Chef.


There were a huge variety of events offered, from exhibitions, such as FT Live (we learned a poignant message perfect for the New Year), to tours, such as the Brixton Tour and the Legal Tour. We had 4 Discos, Theatre Events including the famous War Of The Worlds & Dinner (photo above), and the Crown Imperial concert for our Queen’s 90th birthday.

Celebratory events included our website’s 2nd birthday bash at Bounce for a Ping Pong party and specially arranged food for everyone. Here are some lovely post-event comments, together with photos and videos of the event.

To round off the year we returned to Chez Mal for our Xmas Dinner on 10th December with everybody in good spirits!

Interviews & Blog Posts

Following on from 2015’s interviews, in March 2016 Keatons wanted to find out more about Who London and this is what we told them!

A month earlier we started our quarterly Interview With A Who Londoner blog posts, so you can get to know more about who comes to our events. Here’s our latest one to round off 2016!

We also spent more time on venue blog posts and venue interviews, which we’ll carry on for 2017. They’re a great appetiser before the events come round….

So, what about our plans for 2017?

Our January Introductions event always starts off the year well. This time we’ve reserved a whole venue just for us! Come and join us on 18th January.

Clubs: we’re working on creating some regular event types, such as a Dining Club or a Walking Club – any thoughts/comments please get in touch.

Walks, Discos and Theatre Events will continue as per your feedback.

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Happy New Year!