2018 In Review

So 2018 has been eventful!

We had discos, lunches and dinners, drinks meetups, concerts and walking tours. We celebrated our 4th birthday with Spanish tapas at El Pirata (photo above) and had our best yet Xmas Party at The Loose Box Bar & Kitchen. Below are some photos of our 2018 social events, including our first ever picnic (at Alexandra Palace) and also art exhibition meetup (at Banksy’s Greatest Hits at Lazinc). Which was your favourite? Get in touch and let us know!

2018 Who London Events

In 2018 we decided to implement some events where you can choose what you get on the day for yourself – our small organisation and admin fee covers everything we need to do for you (arranging, promoting, taking PayPal bookings and calls etc), and then you’re free to order what you like at the arranged venues.

We’ll be doing more social events like these in 2019 too, particularly for dining events and drinks meetups. This means that our social events will be accessible to even more people and be relaxing and as easy-going as ever! Have a look what’s coming up in 2019 so far.

(Of course certain events will still cover everything for you, such as for discos, concerts, theatre shows, walks and some other special events – you just need to get your ticket with us for these events and that’s it.)

For 2018’s January Introductions we were at The Old Bank of England pub. Join us for 2019’s first event of the year, January Introductions at The Wigmore in Marylebone. This is one of our main social events and it will be an informal start to the New Year over drinks with new friends. Get your ticket here and then keep an eye out for our next social events!

In 2018 we mentioned we were looking for event hosts. Would you like to volunteer for us in 2019? Drop us a line and let’s chat.

We’re also looking into starting a Facebook Community so say hello to us there and keep tuned….

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