4 Common Questions We’ve Been Asked Since Relaunching

If you’ve seen any other groups, you might be wondering why Who London events are worth your time. So we’ve created this blog post answering our most frequent questions since we’ve relaunched. This also explains why we’re so proud of our events and what you can get from attending.

Who London is an Events Club for modern, active Londoners 50+ looking to make friends or find a partner in addition to enjoying socialising over drinks. Our events are called Introductions Events because you will get to know others in groups of around 4-6 of you. It’s all about who you’ll meet in London.


Cost & Value

1. Why are your events and membership more expensive than local groups or meetups?

Each event takes at least a month full time to plan, so that means we invest many hours in getting the event organised. Our full focus is on the entire event process.

This includes careful advertising and marketing to ensure like-minded event attendees, mostly between 55-65, who are working, single, modern and active.

For every month's event we have booked our own space at a beautiful venue.

We also brief hosts and of course devise the mingling plan for each event. Our attention to detail with this organising means you get to talk with more people than you would at meetups.

We also spend considerable time moderating our free Facebook group with approximately 1000 members. Here you can already get to know others online before coming to an event. And it's not the case like with other groups, where the socialising abruptly stops after our getting together.

As the events are organised by us as a company it means you have the service and reliability you can expect before and after the event, by email, website chat and telephone. We are always visible and reply to messages!

Likewise, we’ve interviewed our hosts following their application. Our hosts at the event are warm, kind, committed and friendly throughout the evening, not just at the welcome area. They work hard to make sure everyone is having a good time. Not only do they run the event, they take part in it too so they know exactly what’s going on. We even have an event debrief to see if we might make any amendments next time e.g. music for Christmas or New Year, different group sizes, different length of time for rounds...

We also invite members to a free welcome drink and we’ve revamped our membership to include a lot of online member features that you won’t get elsewhere.

You really get a lot of value from us and that’s why Who Londoners return and give us wonderful feedback.


Event Organisation

2. How exactly does the event work?

Once you have booked and you have your ticket on email, you’re all set. We’ll email you a couple of reminders ahead of our event so you have the venue details/start time etc to hand.

Then on the day, the minute you arrive and right at the entrance we have a host to welcome you. You will not be left to find your own way! You’ll be checked in and introduced to a few others in our welcome area.

You’ll receive your drink token (if you’re a member), your name label and a strip of paper. This strip of paper is unique to you and has some numbers on it which represent which table/bar area you should move to when our Who London bells ring every 20 minutes. Each area is clearly identifiable with a very large table number stand!

A host will show you the cloakroom before taking you to our event area and your first designated space to chat with a group. Once we’ve had our rounds, we’ll have a little time to mingle freely with those who you’d like to get to know more.

The whole point of our event is that you won’t be fixed to one table with the same people all evening. You won't find it awkward choosing where to move to and who to speak with. We arrange all of that for you, telling everyone where to move to for our next round. It’s not up to you to be bold enough to break into a conversation or introduce yourself to someone out of the blue! That’s what we’re here for.

Think of our Introductions Event as a friendship networking event with most being single and coming alone.


Club Venue

3. Why are the events at the same venue?

It took us several months to secure a special venue with the hospitality industry staffing shortage and confirming all the points of our agreement.

We wanted to book a beautiful venue as atmosphere is the key to consistently good events and Who Londoners wanting to keep joining in. The familiarity of the same venue is great too as it means you’re comfortable returning.

The attractive domed ceiling is incredibly high, which means better air circulation and it’s just a stunning place to enjoy drinks and socialising – we won’t find better. The venue itself is a great talking point.

The Counting House is also only a few minutes’ walk from Bank Station, meaning it’s easy to get to. And being in the City it’s not ram-packed where you can’t hear what others are saying. Nor is it expensive like the West End. The beer/wine is good value in a historic venue, mostly between £5.50-£7.

Our Club Venue is actually staying open especially for us, so the public footfall is low and we have a Who London area in the main bar (we may well later expand to use the Gallery area too).


Who London Membership

4. Why should I become a member?

We devised a membership as we wanted to attract those who are serious about making friendships and committed to building on them and so return to events. You can certainly make friends at an event, but continuously catching up results in stronger connections. You don't want to keep having to start from scratch with new people.

We understand you might not be able to make every single event, but as a member you’re not going to be dropping into events occasionally. So as a thank you for being a part of Who London, we developed lots of membership benefits. The event of course is our focal point, but we want to ensure that we keep in touch around the events as well.

We have our online member private messaging, and our Who London Handpicked member flipbook newsletter so you can choose somewhere to go to with a new friend or two. You don't need to spend time finding somewhere to suggest!

Lots book their first event as a guest. Then they become a member. The price of our annual membership is £119, which is the equivalent of just £9.92 a month for several perks. Our sociable evening with good company certainly beats staying in and paying for a takeaway. And It’s better to meet face-to-face before spending so much time chatting online with someone where you don’t really know who the person is or they're quite different in person.

Our annual membership means each event’s ticket for you has a £22.50 discount if you book 3 weeks in advance (we have moved this from 4 weeks to help out). Or if you book nearer to the event date, as a member you’ll still save £13.50 each time.

The free member welcome drink at each event saves you around £72 a year too.

So your drinks cover most of your membership fee. And actually If you become a member you could be saving £342!

Learn more about our membership.


Please feel free to get in touch if we can answer anything else for you. Here’s a reminder of our next event details.



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