An Electric Night Of Swing Dance Performances

Ahead of the 2016 Swing Patrol Performance Ball, Sibhe from Swing Patrol gives us an insight into what the night is all about and what to expect….

The Performance Ball is a long standing Swing Patrol tradition and dates back to the time when Frankie Manning visited Australia (an American dancer, instructor and choreographer, the inventor of ‘aerials’ and considered an “Ambassador” of Lindy Hop). In conversation with Scott Cupit, co-founder of Swing Patrol, Frankie said that he wished everyone could have the opportunity to perform and so the Swing Patrol Performance Ball was born!

Since then, the students of Swing Patrol Melbourne, Swing Patrol Sydney and Swing Patrol London have learned routines and performed them at a big event each year. Our dancers invite their friends and families along so the audience is a real mix of people – we’ve even had people travelling from Cornwall to see their family members be the stars of the show for the night. It’s a really lovely supportive and atmospheric event!

Swing Dance Routine

Here’s how the night unfolds:

1. We start the night with a short taster class for all the guests who would like to take part. If not, sit back and take in the music. This part of the evening is always super fun and it gives you the chance to try out some of the moves you’ll be seeing later on during the Performance Ball routines.

2. After that we have a break so that the first performers can prepare – now is a great time to grab a drink from the bar and have a look at some of the stalls we have. You’ll probably be able to pick up the perfect unique Christmas present, or some cake for the show or when you get home (if you can wait that long!).

3. The final performance will be at around 10.55pm (just in case you need to catch a tube home, there’s plenty of time). We dance on till 2am though and we’d love to have you stay on and if you would like to dance with us.

The Swing Patrol London Performance Ball grows each year and we had well over 350 students performing – some amazingly energetic doing more than one routine!

Our teaching team and troupe members often jump in to help out with the routines so that all the students who want to perform can have the opportunity. Our routines have become more extravagant over the years too. Click here for a wonderful performance from our Brixton Hill students (many of whom are now part of our troupes) and see us on BBC’s Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice.

We can’t wait to see what performances 2016 brings and look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful world of Swing Patrol!

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