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Who London is the social events organisation for anyone 50+. Our events are for doing more of what you love, trying something new and making friendships.

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I’m Alexandra Felce, the founder of Who London. I started Who London in my thirties, but when I was much younger I had already thought about being an events planner.

This was rekindled after my Sociology undergraduate and Social Research Master’s degrees with the study of society and people, and my doing a counselling course, working for a local newspaper and in charity fundraising.

After all that I had learned about people, I came round full circle to events planning again.

I saw on a neighbourhood social site that their users were finding it increasingly difficult to organise get-togethers to suit everyone. Most on this social site were 50+ and so I had a look online to find hardly any modern, fun social events for anyone 50+ being organised. My mum said exactly the same thing and was keen to meet more people too!

Similarly, my first-hand experience of trying to get friends together and our being free at different times or wanting to go somewhere different, made the need for social events to be “ready-made” even more obvious.

It can be so difficult to find time to do all the organising ourselves. That’s where Who London comes in. With every social event we organise being ready-made, you can fully enjoy each event without having to arrange a thing – just join as a member for regular discounts, or you can easily book guest tickets.

Whilst developing Who London, I found out I had Lyme Disease and being on treatment has meant I’ve been restricted with my own socialising. I only know too clearly how important it is to find social events where you can pick and choose exactly what suits you. That’s why, at Who London, I particularly take pride in how we look after you as individuals. Just call me for a chat about our social events on 020 3393 3343, or share your ideas with us, as we do listen carefully to which social events you’d like to see planned. All Who London events are therefore hand-selected with a variety of choice, from drinks to dining out or discos, and from walking tours to shows and concerts.

I just love it when a Who Londoner finds something or somewhere new with our events, or even better, makes new friends with like-minded members and guests! That’s why I started our free Who London 50+ Socialisers Facebook Group.

Welcome to fun, sociable and diverse Who London social events. We’ve done all the organising, so all you have to do is book your ticket, go along and enjoy the conversations. We currently host some of our special occasions and certain events like walking tours will have the guide welcome you, but please feel comfortable for all our events anyhow – everyone will want to get to know each other so expect to be part of a relaxed group. However, we’re currently looking to find Who London volunteer hosts – if that’s you please get in touch.

Take a look now at our event video and fantastic testimonials!

Founder, Alexandra Felce

Founder, Alexandra Felce