Be “Mindful” Of Our Offers!

We’ve already organised great offers with Archant publications and Virgin Experience Days. Now Mindful Chef have partnered with us too! Mindful Chef are the healthy recipe box company sending you all the pre-portioned ingredients along with great tasting recipes to cook up healthy meals in less than 30 minutes. Their farms also supply the likes of Harrods and Fortnum & Masons so we couldn’t wait to try out their meals.

They kindly sent our Alex a meal box to get cooking and try out their recipes so she was energised for our upcoming events! Here’s how she got on….

Raw Ingredients

Delivery & Packaging
The lovely looking clean and customised box was waiting in a safe place and arrived on time. We chose two meals and the ingredients for each were kept separate in their own paper bag, so no fiddling around was needed to find out what was for which meal. The meats were vacuum packed so we expected succulent meals with freshness having been locked in, and the labels told us which farms the meat came from. The ice pack kept everything nice and cold and the wool sheet packaging protection ensured this as well. There were also some great offers inside the box.

Ingredients’ Quality
Every item was bold in colour and absolutely fresh. Only the avocado was far too ripe and so we used our own one for the one recipe.

Recipe Cards

Recipes & Cooking
The different coloured and friendly recipe card designs were attractive and told us the prep time, calories, protein, carbs and fat, so we were well prepared and knew what we were going to consume. The clear photo on each recipe card meant we knew what our meals were supposed to look like and they certainly resembled them. The numbered steps made the cooking stages quite simple, fun to make and it was relaxing to create the dish as nothing was complicated.

Cajun Chicken & Lettuce Tacos with Carrot Fries

Taste & Satisfaction
The Cajun chicken & lettuce tacos with carrot fries was my favourite, as despite being concerned about the spice, the melange of flavours with the lettuce, avocado and beetroot was fabulous, and the texture of the carrot fries gave some crunch to the dish. Who says healthy food isn’t tasty?!! The chicken was honestly the best I have ever tasted – tender and delicious. The Cottage pie with sweet potato mash & chestnut mushrooms maybe had too many onions overall, but again the dish was good quality and flavoursome. This meal was definitely a soothing dish without the guilt. Both dishes were great value at £7pp and there could have even been enough for another person had it not been so tasty!

Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato Mash & Chestnut Mushrooms

Cottage Pie

Who London is now a Mindful Chef fan and they have kindly given us a discount code offering Who London members 25% off of your first two boxes upon signing up.

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