Capturing Your Events

With a couple of events having been in St Paul’s and hopefully some more coming up, we couldn’t resist uploading the above picture (please click on it to see it fully). This is our view of St Paul’s Cathedral at night from the rooftop of One New Change, where some of our Searcys’ events are held inside downstairs.

Lately we’ve had more daytime events, but more evening ones are on their way. Yet whatever time events are, there’s nothing worse than missing a photo opportunity from a great time out. Sometimes your mobile phone battery has drained when you are relying on it, or the image quality just doesn’t capture what you saw or felt. If you have a camera it’s worth taking!

Whichever Who London events you have been to where you would like to share your photo with us please email it to (and if members are in it please ask their permission first before you send it).






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