Chinese New Year At London’s First Oriental Floating Restaurant

On 28th January it’s Chinese New Year and what better way to share in the celebrations than at Feng Shang Princess – London’s first ever floating restaurant of its kind! With this blog post we look a little more into what makes Feng Shang so special and why we’re looking forward to our Chinese New Year Event there on Saturday 28th January.

Feng Shang Princess says the restaurant is “London’s Best Kept Secret” and “An exquisite social retreat serving outstanding Chinese food.” Our founder, Alex, has been there and says “The location is of course special and inside the restaurant does not disappoint, with an attractive interior and quality food to match!” Feng Shang Princess on the Regents Canal

Feng Shang is a handcrafted, floating, red pagoda restaurant on the Regents Canal, an award-winning venue perfect for special occasions. It’s two storeys high with a peaked roof. The restaurant’s décor is traditional with a modern twist – we especially love the lanterns which give a warm atmosphere. We’ve been working with Sunny there to organise a Who London 4-course sharing feast with free Chinese tea and fortune cookies! Inside Feng Shang Princess

“This is my favourite Chinese Restaurant in London. I love the food here, coupled with the style of the unique building and the great atmosphere always feels like an experience rather then just another Chinese Restaurant.” (Mark)

If you’re a Chinese food lover and choose unique venues away from the hustle and bustle, then our Chinese New Year lunch is perfect for you. Let’s enjoy delicious food together to celebrate the magical season in style.

新年好 / 新年好

Get your ticket here before Wednesday 25th January.