Christmas 2015 & New Year Events

It’s nearly Christmas and we’re raring to go!

We’ve chosen a few of our favourite exciting Christmas and New Year events to share with you.

1) First up, we have our Winter Wonderland evening. Just as dusk sets in, we’ll meet up for this yearly favourite event. Who should join in?

  • If you like the traditional Christmas with lights, stalls and attractions
  • If you enjoy walking & chatting
  • If it makes you happy to feel part of London’s Christmas spirit

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2) To start December, we have our Christmas Tree Lighting & Carols event in Trafalgar Square. Norway gives the people of London a Christmas tree every year. Who should join in?

  • If you indulge in the magic of Christmas time
  • If you are looking to meet friendly, jolly and festive Londoners
  • If you love live choirs singing Christmas Carols

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3) Our last walking tour was a great success, so we’ve arranged an exclusive Who London Merry Christmas Walking Tour with our Blue Badge Guide, Diane. Who should join in?

  • If you like exploring and comparing different areas of London
  • If you enjoy walking and want to meet others interested in history or picturesque spots
  • If you want to hear lesser known Christmas tales and facts of London, as well as to see Christmas lights

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4) January is around the corner and we’ve extended the fun with our January Introductions evening. Who should join in?

  • If you prefer more laid back and casual events
  • If you want to spend time socialising with new people and making friends over drinks and food
  • If you would like to find out about new event ideas and offer your thoughts

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So, above is a great selection of upcoming events for the festive season and why you might join us. Do you have anything to add? Comment below as a member, or please get in touch!



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