Christmas 2015 and the Man On The Moon

What do you think of this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert in partnership with Age UK?

Here’s the #ManOnTheMoon video and my thoughts are below.

The Man On The Moon is a poignant video that highlights the stories behind the gifts you give at Christmas time, rather than the gifts themselves. When Lily, the little girl in John Lewis’ Christmas campaign, thinks so hard about how to get her gift to the senior man on the moon, it is heartwarming. Rather than think about the gifts she might receive herself, she doesn’t give up on making sure he knows he’s cared about.

To me, the Man On The Moon can be construed in a few different ways. It might make you remember loved ones gone, people you miss due to distance, or the importance of being kind to others less fortunate.

Either way, it symbolises that we should all spend more time together and not forget others – everyone wants to spend Christmas in good company and our friendships should bring out the best in every one of us.

We were moved by the video’s messages, but we would have loved to see people join the man or even send him the gift of togetherness.

Wishing you a warm festive season with others.





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