How Our Relaunch Introductions Event Actually Worked

We're over the moon to have hosted our Relaunch Introductions event after such a long wait! It was worth all the planning. Who Londoners made new friends and swapped numbers/sent messages. They had a terrific time socialising at our stunning Club Venue. Below are some more photos and also feedback to share with you, but first here is why our events work so well.

How Who London connections happen....

So, at the start of our drinks & mingles events, all participants and our hosts are given a piece of paper with numbers specific to them. The numbers represent the table/bar areas they should move to every 20 minutes when we ring our Who London bells.

Everyone knows exactly where they'll be for each networking round. There are no difficulties in choosing which Who Londoners to chat with next. Nothing needs working out and the focus is just on enjoying socialising with new people.

We have very large table number stands so the moving round is smooth and quick, meaning the chat always flows. No-one is left feeling in limbo!

Some might be moving for each round, others might be staying in the same place a few times - each event is different for everyone as we organise the best way for us all to meet as many people as possible!

Our booking form on the event checkout page has a special event requirement box for e.g. anyone to tell us if they are unable to move round throughout an event. This way we can ensure there is the same allocated seat for each round.

92% of survey respondents were pleased they came to our Relaunch Event as our Introductions Events lead to staying connected - our events are arranged specially for making friends or finding a partner. Our hosts always look forward to creating an easy-going atmosphere for this reason. Book your ticket now for our next event where we'll be continuing the fun!

Relaunch Introductions event goers
Relaunch Introduction Events Journal

"Thanks for a wonderful relaxing evening. Very nice venue, host, and guests. It was nice to be able to move around and chat with the other guests and not feel stuck sitting between the same two people for the whole evening. Thanks for getting this together."
"The arrangements used to ensure that everyone met and talked. This was interesting when we were moving from table to table to introduce ourselves."
"The location, setting and company made for a lovely social evening."
"It was fantastic."
"I liked to know new people and your job was good 👍"
"It was a great night"

"Who London is a Brilliant idea. Kudos to you, Alex. It helps everyone of us within the age bracket that is lonely. The Relaunch of yesterday was great. Thank you so much. I appreciate you and the organisers."
"Once there, it was very relaxed and friendly."

"beautiful surroundings and friendly atmosphere."
"The venue was beautiful, easy to find and a well organised event."

"stayed behind to talk to some members"
"I think it is a good way of meeting people of a similar age group"
"Lovely meet up with friendly 50+. Everyone I spoke to have interesting stories about themselves to share."
"Really nice to meet so many people."
"Variety of different folk"
"Just lovely people"

"I'm ready for more!"

Meet friendly Who Londoners at our next event!



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2 thoughts on “How Our Relaunch Introductions Event Actually Worked”

  1. Are the meet ups monthly, also at different venues? I am interested to know more please if there is membership fees etc.

    Many Thanks

    • Hello Bea, have a look around the website for all the details about how we organise and run our events. We host monthly events at the same gorgeous venue. You can book a ticket as a guest, or join as a member first (annual fee) for lots of perks. Member benefits include up to 50% off your member tickets, a free drink at every event and more….


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