International Friendship Day 2021

"All the statistics in the world can't measure the warmth of a smile." Chris Hart

Happy International Friendship Day!

Thank you for all the support we've received during our relaunch. We're excited to have our Relaunch Event in sight - it shouldn't be long now and we will be announcing our venue very shortly. Don't miss out on Early Bird member tickets at 50% off if you book a month ahead of the event. We anticipate this to be 12th September/10th October so: click here to book your event ticket asap.

Who London is all about meeting other Londoners 50+ and making friendships. Our Monthly Introductions Events for both members and guests are hosted drinks events which ensure that you have the opportunity to chat with lots of Who Londoners and build connections. You'll see our hosts are great at making sure you have the best time!

It's a fantastic feeling to see how Who London has created friendships, especially ones which have strengthened the last couple of years despite recent times.

It's always lovely to hear from some of you who are staying in touch.

Our new website now includes our member Social Area to send/receive "friendship requests" and a private messaging system.

So don't forget to introduce yourself on our member-only blog post. Then you can already start those friendships! You can chat to others prior to our events and see what you have in common. You might even find a Who Londoner local to you to travel with to our events!



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4 thoughts on “International Friendship Day 2021”

  1. Lovely Alex and mama. Will hope to move in about 3 months to Belvedere. New start. Lovely house, meet up again with my 1st love of 57 years ago! Won’t re-join as previous. Will keep perusing website for events to attend that are appropriate for me. Love as always princess.

  2. Hi Terry, hope the moves goes well for you and you get some free time to relax! Sorry we won’t have you back as a host for the moment, but yes come along to the events when you can as we’d love to see you soon.x

  3. Hiya, I am part Turkish and part German. Have been Living in the UK over 44 years. I work full time and live near Edgware.
    Looking forward to the start of events as I love to socialise.


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