Interview With A Who Londoner

Happy New Year to you and here is our first Interview With A Who Londoner for 2018!

1. How did you find out about Who London?
I believe I heard about Who London from Diane Burstein (Blue Badge Guide) who told me about a walk she was taking for the group so I googled and saw some jolly photos of people enjoying themselves!

2. What keeps you coming back to Who London events?
I keep coming to Who London events as I know I will meet some friendly new faces and enjoy some good conversation.

3. Do you have any particular interests or hobbies?
My interests include eating out and I enjoy food from other cultures – I also like film, theatre and visiting art galleries – also cultural walks round London – I am also an avid watcher of TV Dramas.

4. What is your favourite thing to do in London?
I suppose my favourite thing to do in London is going to art exhibitions and talks on art or artists.

5. Choose 3 words to describe the people you have met at Who London events?
Three words to describe Who Londoners – friendly, broad-minded and approachable.

6. To whom would you recommend Who London?
I have already recommended the group to some of my friends – if I knew of visitors to London who were perhaps staying for a while I would also tell them about Who London.

Join us for January Introductions this Saturday and meet some friendly Who Londoners.



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