Interview With A Who Londoner

Here is our first Interview With a Who Londoner for 2020!

1. How would you describe Who London?
I enjoy going to Who London events. It gives me a chance to go to places I have never been before and enjoy the company of other Who Londoners with such a diverse background from mine. You meet so many interesting folk.

2. You’ve booked 14 events now so what keeps you coming back to Who Who London?
I keep coming back because I enjoy the events and the informal atmosphere which makes it easier to mingle with other people.

3. Which Who London events have been your favourite so far?
My fave event so far was visiting the Houses of Parliament. It felt like I was walking through history.

4. How would your family/friends describe you in three words?
Quite friendly, respectful.

5. What do you hope 2020 will bring??
A opportunity to travel more.

6. What events would you like us to plan this year?
Informal get-togethers.

Join some Who Londoners at our next event on Sunday 26th January.



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