Interview With A Who Londoner

Our founder, Alex, holds another Interview With A Who Londoner:

1. Which areas of London would you like to explore more?
I would like to explore London’s secret and unexpected places.

2. What are your favourite pastimes/hobbies?
Walking – both in and out of London, fitness classes, reading, theatre and cinema, socialising.

3. Why did you choose events with Who London?
I like the chance to meet new people and attend events I otherwise might not have been aware of or considered.

4. Tell us about a memorable day out in London.
As a child being taken by my Aunt to the Tower of London, followed by a trip to Harrods Toy Department, then tea in Derry & Toms Roof Garden.

5. Is there a famous Londoner whom you particularly admire?
Although not particularly religious, I have long admired Gladys Aylward who showed such tenacity and courage in her desire to become a Missionary in China in the 1930s. She succeeded even though she received no backing from the established church as it was felt that her occupation as a servant meant she was unsuited for such work.

6. Choose three words to describe how you see London.
Paradoxical, mosaical, intense.

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