Interview With A Who Londoner

This July we reached 5 years of Who London events and it’s also Friendship Day on the 30th! So it’s just perfect timing to share our latest Interview With A Who Londoner….

1. How did you come across Who London?
I first heard about Who London through my daughter – she was anxious for me to meet a new group of friends.

2. What kind of events were you looking for?
Personally, I was looking for social events which would enable me to interact with other like-minded people, and hopefully form new friendships.

3. What do you think of our new Speed-Friending events?
Speed-Friending for me was a great success – thoroughly enjoyed it, made new contacts, met people who had lived in my area/grew up near me, knew and went to places that were fond memories for me. All round great social event, just over too soon.

4. Have you made new connections/friendships through Who London events?
First made friends at the Easter Afternoon Tea – we just clicked. Since then we have seen each other again at Speed-Friending on 13th July and at the 70s & 80s Disco, which was great fun. After Speed-Friending we went for a meal together, had a lovely long chat. We are planning to meet up after her holiday.

5. Some of our events have new hosts, so have you found our hosted events work well?
The Hosts are a fantastic idea and not an easy thing to do. One of the hosts for two of these events I attended is great fun and very professional, whilst putting all at ease.

6. Which events will you be going to next?
My next event will be the Pop-Up Circus on 30th July. After that I am really looking forward to the Birthday Lunch on 10th August.

Our next social events are Pop-Up Circus Evening and our Who London 5th Birthday Bash. Come and meet new people and enjoy socialising with other Who Londoners!



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