Interview With A Who Londoner

Here’s another Who London interview for the new season! Thanks to one of our lovely members for sharing with us….

1. How did you find out about Who London?

I did an internet search for 50+ London Events and clicked on the Who London website.

2. Tell us about the Who London event you most enjoyed?

The January Introductions tea tasting is my favourite event so far because it was a very relaxed event, and was also really interesting and a sociable evening.

3. What makes Who London stand out to you?

Alex, the Who London founder, who organises the events and hosts some of them, and also her Mum who comes to some of the events and hosts on these occasions too.

4. What would be your ideal event with us?

Ballets, musicals, things like tea tasting and lunches/dinners at various restaurants.

5. What do you hope to be doing this Summer?

Having a good time, either travelling or enjoying lots of summer activities in London.

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