Interview With A Who Londoner

Whilst we get into the festive spirit, here’s our last Interview With A Who Londoner for 2016!

1. What has been your favourite Who London event so far?
My favourite event so far has been the table tennis afternoon at Bounce in Farringdon.

2. Is there anything particular you like about our events or organisation?
I feel able to attend by myself without feeling self-conscious and it’s a nice way to meet others.

3. Do you have anything special planned for the festive season?
I’m off to Oz to see my family in Australia (Xmas day – early beach swim followed by lunch at friends’; New Year in the bush with an annual cricket match in a paddock!).

4. Do you have any favourite memories of somewhere special in London?
I have lovely memories of lots of guided walks in London – especially interesting were the Rotherhithe Tunnel and one through the tunnel from Island Gardens to Greenwich; also the Sky Garden.

5. Is there anything new you would like to try doing?
If you could put on an event aimed specifically at solos, somewhere musical like the Blues Kitchen in Camden or something active like 10-pin bowling?

6. To whom would you recommend our events?
To others in my age group and also to other singles.

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