Interview With A Who Londoner

It’s International Friendship Day! So it’s a great time for us to share our shiny new Interview With A Who Londoner!

1. What brought you to Who London?
I discovered Who London on Google. I read the article and it appealed to me immediately.

2. What is your favourite thing about Who London so far?
Meeting nice like-minded people.

3. How do you see your future enjoyment of Who London events?
I will certainly be attending events which appeal to me as and when convenient.

4. Share with us a day you have really enjoyed in London.
I really enjoyed the Brunch in Hampstead and the Picnic in Ally Pally. Nice venues very well organised by Alex and Carole.

5. Where will we find you on the weekend if you’re not at one of our events?!
I love my music, so hopefully listening to Jazz in a nightclub or watching dancing in a Salsa Bar in the West End.
Or watching a live band.

6. Tell us the type of events you would like us to organise for Who Londoners.
I would love events like the Tina Turner Musical. Nice meals in a nice environment. Going to Covent Garden for a drink. Basically an event where we can meet people and have fun. I think Alex puts a lot of thought into venues.

Why not come along for Our Birthday Tapas Party on Saturday 18th August and make friends with other Who Londoners? We’d love to welcome you. Happy International Friendship Day!



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