Interview With: Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet!

Our Alex interviewed Nikki Spencer, the founder of Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet!, just in time for our Disco Night with them (click here to see photos from a past disco) and check out the next event on this page:

1. How long have you been organising Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet! nights?
I put in my first Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet! night six years ago and we have been partying at venues in Greenwich and Blackheath ever since. People travel to our events from all over London and beyond so we are delighted to be putting on HSDY discos in Islington so our fans from north of the river don’t have to travel so far.

2. What type of people come along and what age are most people?
Anyone who loves good music and dancing. We get everyone from couples and groups of friends to work get-togethers and lots of birthday celebrations. Most people are in their 40s and 50s but we get some older, and even a few younger who just love 70s & 80s music and the atmosphere. At our last event we had a woman in her 40s who brought her mum and loads of friends and family to celebrate her 70th. They had such a good time.

3. In between dancing, can you take a break with a drink and sit, chat and get revived?
Yes we always have chairs dotted around so people can have a sit down when they need it. Everyone can go at their own pace. Some people don’t stop dancing for hours. Others take it much easier and just like listening to the great tunes with the occasional trip on to the dance floor.

4. Do you teach any disco moves?
To get everyone dancing we start off with a couple of routines to some of our favourite tracks such as Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet and Car Wash led by our choreographer. They are really easy to follow and great fun to have a go at or just watch. We do a few more routines later too including the ever popular Soul Train where people take it in turns to dance down the middle.

5. What has been your favourite HSDY moment?
There are so many great stories; the new friends people have made, the couples who have got together, and indeed the new friends I have made. Probably my favourite moment of any night is when the party is in full swing and I stop for a moment and just watch from the back of the room. Seeing so many happy smiling faces and people of all ages simply having a good time is wonderful.

To come to HSDY’s next event with other Who Londoners grab a ticket here.