It’s All Happening….

It’s time for a quick round-up of what’s on its way in the world of Who London events….

We have a vibrant special dance show in a couple of weeks which you won’t want to miss, a disco night to bring in the glitziness of December, a theatre & buffet evening (bookings closing in 2 days!), and our annual Christmas dinner to look forward to.

We’re not letting the colder months keep us from having a great time. In fact, this is our favourite time of year as there is lots to do and the Christmas festivities are just around the corner, so it’s all about non-stop perfect social occasions!

We’re even getting started on organising some monthly clubs for you and all our plans will be announced on 10th December at our Christmas dinner, where you’ll also have the chance to win a prize with our Xmas competition – but nobody will miss out as there will be a special something for everyone so you can start the New Year with fun in store! Join us if you can.

For more current news, you’ll already know we have just partnered with Archant publications and so members can get up to 63% discount on special interest titles (more info on this page). In addition, next week we’ll let you know who else we’ve teamed up with and they’re a well-known brand with a super offer for Who London – we’re really excited.

RSVP now for our our upcoming events – see you there!