It’s January Introductions Time!

With our January Introductions Evening coming shortly (Wednesday 18th), we put a few questions to Good & Proper Tea…..(You might think the Good & Proper Tea Bar looks familiar – it was used in the filming of the BBC’s The Apprentice Final!)

1. How did Good & Proper Tea begin?
Having repeatedly told her friends for years about wanting to bring better cups of tea to London, Emilie, G&P‘s founder, finally decided to do something about it. With a dream of converting a 1974 Citroën-H van into a mobile brew bar, she took the idea to crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, where 372 backers, each of whom pledged anywhere between £1 to £1000, made that dream come true. Each of their names are still displayed proudly on the back window of the van, which the backers also affectionately christened ‘Watson’. The first cup of tea was brewed in Shoreditch on 3rd December 2012 and we haven’t stopped brewing since!

2. Why do people choose Good & Proper TeaLeather Lane venue
Quality Without Compromise – we work closely with experts in the industry to ensure we only buy and serve great quality, delicious tea.
Provenance – We source our teas from around the world, from Kenya to India, Japan to China and many more places in between. It is important to us that we know exactly where each of them come from and who is responsible for harvesting the leaves we buy. We will always share this information with our customers.
Sharing The Excitement – We get excited about getting you excited about tea!
Sustainability – As a fairly new business, we are working towards what we hope will be a lively future: but that means taking responsibility for what that future looks like. So from our teas to our packaging and any waste we create in brewing, we are always looking for ways to do things better.

3. What can we expect for our January Introductions event with you? January Introductions poster
Our Tasting Experiences cover everything from where tea is grown and how it is produced, to the impact provenance has on flavour. Your group will learn about and taste a selection of black, oolong, green, white and herbal teas, as well as matcha tea. We’ve also put on some homemade canapés to make it a special January Introductions event for Who Londoners.

To come to our January Introductions Evening, get your ticket at the bottom of this page.