It’s much easier than you think

to meet new people and build connections with other Londoners 50+.

We're here so you can meet, socialise and stay connected through our friendly and welcoming Events Club. Most Who Londoners choose to become members for so much more...

Don't We Know It!

Making friends or meeting a partner is so difficult in London as you don’t meet the same people often enough to create connections.

When you do manage to meet like-minded people you never hear from them again.

It’s awkward asking strangers for their number when you’ve just met, especially in a filled room.

There are great places to go out to in London, but it’s hard to find people to share this with.

There are no modern events for young-at-heart Londoners age 50+.

Meetups don’t give you the fun, good vibes and exciting atmosphere like at an event.

Event hosts tend to welcome you to an event but then it’s up to you to initiate conversation with new people, which can be really daunting.

It takes so long to meet lots of people as each time you go somewhere new you get talking to only one or two people the entire duration.

Meeting people 1-2-1 online is not the safest way to find out about another person.

It’s no fun being isolated.

You Can Now Forget All That!

We’re Who London and that’s a thing of the past for Who Londoners.
Who you meet in London and how you meet them changes everything.

Our Introductions events are at the stunning Counting House pub  (a few minutes' walk from Bank station) on the second Sunday of the month, from 5pm-7.30pm.

These events have hosts who make you feel part of the event from the minute you arrive right until the end of the event (actually even after the event we stay in touch). Who Londoners are friendly, sociable and easy to get on with and we continuously encourage everyone to move around, ensuring mingling is at its finest!

The socialising doesn’t stop when the event is over though! You’ll be able to use our online Social Area to share what's on your mind and also comment on member-only blogs. Best of all you can send and receive private messages and send/accept Friend Requests from other Who London members through our website, making it safer, more secure and reliable.

And when you get on so well you want to meet up again, we’ll send you our monthly Handpicked Places To Visit newsletter, so you just have to choose a date and time to get together in between our events. There’s no organising to be had, just laid back fun times. We all really need that now.

Every Who Londoner is a big part of our Events Club. We make sure of that, so you can concentrate on enjoying the event and socialising!

Introductions event

Popular London venue full of character

Feel welcome from the word go

Be looked after by top-notch hosts throughout the event

Easily meet new people in a relaxed and reassuring environment

Build connections with like-minded Who Londoners

Find friends and meet lots of single people at each event

Enjoy going out more than ever!

How Who London Began

Who London has been run by Alex, our founder, since 2014, helped by Mum Carole and our lovely Hosts.

Alex, founder

We’ve organised a variety of different events over the years and found our Introductions Events the most popular.

We were featured on BBC Radio London as Jo Good talked with us about where Londoners 50+ can go out and have a good time. We’re all about that. So much so we created the place to go every month.

Alex’s passion is, and has always been, people and connections. Before setting up Who London, she worked in charity fundraising and prior to this did a BA in Sociology and in later years a Psychotherapy course, followed by an MSc in Social Research Methods.

As she started to think about how best to grow Who London she discovered she had Lyme Disease. The isolation and lack of sense of belonging only made Who London more important to her, so others didn’t have to feel the same. But recently we've all been affected by social isolation and we really need to reconnect.

We’ve hosted many events and now we're focused on our Introductions Events and it's perfect timing for our relaunch!

We know exactly what works at events and what doesn't, so don't miss out on our events. There’s a lot that goes into organising, planning and hosting our events as we want to make sure you have the best event experience each time. As you get to know us you’ll find out we don’t do things by halves!

Our Who London Hosts can’t wait to meet you...

Become A Who London Member

Join the Club and
don't miss out anymore!

Member Early Bird Ticket Rates

>>> Save 50% off your event tickets <<<

Book your event ticket for half price three weeks or more ahead of our event, saving up to £270 for the year's events.

Member Priced Tickets

>>> Save 30% off your event tickets <<<

If you don't use your Early Bird ticket option you'll still have member ticket rates, saving £162 for the year’s events.

Free Member Drinks

>>> Get a free drink at every event <<<

Choose a complimentary welcome drink from our own Who London menu at every event we host, saving up to £72 for the year’s events.

Private Member Messaging & Member-Only Chat

On-site private member messaging, an online Social Area to share what's on your mind, Friend Requests, and member-only blog posts, all make it super easy to introduce yourself ahead of our events and stay in touch with Who Londoners after them.

Who London Handpicked

Monthly member newsletters so you can choose from our top-picks of places to visit in London with new friends or that someone special.

Welcome Chat

Optional kickstart 15-minute welcome video call with Alex or Carole so you can relax into being a Club member (or by phone if you prefer).

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What Who Londoners Say

“Don’t know any other London club that has a social aspect for this age group.”


“… everyone was really friendly and 7 of us went to dinner afterwards and formed a WhatsApp group! So it was a worthwhile pursuit for me. Thanks for organising it.”


“….excellent hosts who made sure everyone was included....”

Get Started...

Meet new people & build connections now - we’d love to have you as part of our Events Club!

We’re so confident you won’t regret joining as a Who London member, we have a 30-day money back guarantee for memberships (and if we have to cancel an event we'll extend it to the date of the next event).

So, if you join as a member and try out an event within 30 days, but for some reason don’t think Who London is for you, we’ll swiftly refund you in full for your membership if you email us within this time frame.

We understand you want to be sure Who London is for you and whilst we absolutely love our Events Club, we always play fair.




30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Membership does not include event tickets, but you will be able to purchase member tickets at the discounted Early Bird member rate of £22.50 if booked three weeks in advance of the event, or non Early Bird member rate of £31.50, instead of the £45 guest rate. (Event ticket prices are subject to small price changes and a 4.5% booking fee).

Is Who London For You?

We’re a good fit for a lot of people, but honestly our Events Club can’t be right for everyone.

Who London is for you if:

You want to meet new people

You enjoy going out somewhere nice

You want to socialise more

You’re looking to make new friends, or meet a partner, or both!

You can come to our events every 1-2 months

You want to feel welcome and join easy-going events

You want to come to events which are properly hosted

You want to stay in touch with the people you meet

Who London is not for you if:

You would rather be in your own company all the time

You don’t enjoy a bar atmosphere

You don’t enjoy chatting to new people

You aren’t hoping to make new friends or find a partner

You don’t want to come regularly to events

You prefer to stay at home than go out

You prefer events without a hands-on hosting approach

You’re not into building connections with event attendees

Our Lively Events

What Who Londoners Say

"Good, buzzy atmosphere; no-one left out."

“I think the concept is good because you get to meet more people this way and good for extending circle of friends if that is what you are looking for….”

“The people I did get to meet were very sociable and I would/will attend other events.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know anything else? Let us fill you in some more.

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch with us by emailing
or calling 020 3393 3343. We’re only too happy to chat.




30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Membership does not include event tickets, but you will be able to purchase member tickets at the discounted Early Bird member rate of £22.50 if booked three weeks in advance of the event, or non Early Bird member rate of £31.50, instead of the £45 guest rate. (Event ticket prices are subject to small price changes and a 4.5% booking fee).