January Drop-ins

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Saturday January 23rd 2021
11:00am - 3:00pm

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How Have You Been?

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We’d love to hear how Who Londoners have been getting on the last month.

We’ve hosted quite a few virtual events now, but this Saturday 23rd January we’re opening our café doors for a casual drop-in Saturday for anyone from our community. We really all are just a call away and we can Zoom right to you!

If you fancy a chat this weekend get in touch here and we’ll send you a link for the drop-in you choose: we’ll be around especially for you for half an hour from 11am, and again for half an hour from 3pm.

We all need to keep in touch and we’re assuming that “meeting up” will make you feel more uplifted and connected, just like our actual events aim to do.

Come and share how you’re feeling or perhaps something you’ve learned or made lately, and hear from us too if you’d like.

Join us at 11am or 3pm this Saturday for a half hour warming cuppa or an espresso. Just let us know here which drop-in is best for you. You can also email connect@wholondon.co.uk