Valentine’s Come-Dine Dinner Dates

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Sunday February 14th 2021
7:00pm - 7:40pm

Red Savoury E-Restaurant

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Who London’s Virtual Valentine’s Dinner Party

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Mark down Sunday 14th February 7pm for our virtual dining experience at our online Red Savoury restaurant.

Why not put an end to your restaurant cravings and visit many of them at once through your co-diners’ restaurants?! Each of us will make our screens look like a restaurant table as best we can.

Book your free online table below – you never know who you’ll meet in the Red Savoury Dining Room! Then join us on Valentine’s Day in your favourite date outfit enjoying the main course you’ve made yourself (or you have had specially delivered!).

Tips to create your restaurant for the date:

  • Move your dinner table to the window if you can – window tables are popular in our restaurant.
  • Sit by a painting if possible as it shows off your restaurant’s decor.
  • Use a table cloth (or blanket) and a placemat, just like that perfect restaurant.
  • Have a candle on or dim the lights for ambience.
  • Put flowers on your table.
  • Don’t forget your drink so you can raise a glass.
  • Order-in if you like and show off your favourite local restaurant.
  • Try out a dining virtual background (if you have a Zoom account).
  • Dress to impress, maybe with a bit of red….

Right at the start of the event our hostess will make sure everyone is comfortable in the Dining Room and will explain clearly how the event will work. If you would like to, you can raise your glass to tell the hostess you would like to speak next for a couple of minutes to introduce yourself and share about one of the below topics. The hostess will ensure that the event runs smoothly and we don’t talk over each other. We can react to one another by expression, using the thumbs up reaction button, and when it’s our turn to speak. (There is no pressure to volunteer to speak though.)

  • A “show and tell” of what they’ve chosen for their main course tonight;
  • A minute or two of a date story;
  • A dream date scenario;
  • A favourite romance novel/film.

You can try out the chat letterbox to send a private message to another diner, the hostess, or a message about our event to the whole party….

Head Chef’s Main Course Recommendations:

Romantic Dinners

Ultimate Valentine’s

Valentine’s Collection


Who London’s Valentine’s Come-Dine Dinner Dates has a limited number of free tables. Book below now or call 020 3393 3343 and our booking staff will be happy to reserve a table for you, before emailing you our e-address.




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