November Resolutions, yes November!!!

We all know that towards the end of the year we wind down, we think we’ll start our new health regime in the New Year. And, we intend to do just that.

But we don’t.

So, start early and ease yourself in. November is a perfect time to practise something to take into the New Year with you. You’ll be more likely to continue IF you start it before Christmas.

Try something that puts less pressure on you, where you’ll reap the benefits straight away and WANT to keep it up. We recommend Qigong (literally meaning life, energy, cultivation). Forget the “no pain, no gain” attitude. I’ve learnt from that old tale after injuries and was told by my excellent osteopath on numerous occasions: if you feel physically and mentally good after a certain type of exercise then you should listen to your body and continue.

Qigong is so beneficial to all the different workings of the body and also relaxes the mind – a great pre-Xmas way to keep your stress levels in check!

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