Open House, September 2015

Are you ready for Open House London 2015? London’s 23rd annual festival of architecture and design is a great way to explore more of London’s gems and meet like-minded people.

Public spaces are an essential part of the City of London and there are hundreds of free architectural tours and events on offer for Open House 2015. There are free walks, talks and tours with thousands of volunteer guides and some buildings will have architects on site explaining their designs as well.

We’ve chosen a few to list on our site so that you can go together with other Who Londoners and make the most of this celebratory weekend in good company!

If you appreciate London’s amazing buildings and architecture, come and learn more and engage with others in London. Open House, the charity behind this terrific annual event, believes “You need to be engaged with the space in question to know what the reality is.” It’s not enough to look at photos; you have to be there to experience its magnificence. “The urban fabric of our community has such a strong impact on us on an everyday basis.”

Be inspired by architecture, how London has been developed and how perceptions have changed over the last 20 years. You can buy a guide here which details over 700 buildings taking part in the Open House 2015 weekend.

Here is our selection for meeting up with Who Londoners to enjoy some of the festival’s offerings – book your free ticket with us and we’ll email you the meeting point where you can start exploring London’s architecture with your friendly group. Don’t forget to share your photos of London with us next weekend to celebrate this great festival (please email photos to



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