Our 2nd Birthday Bash

Thank you so much to those who came and shared our 2nd birthday celebrations at Bounce last Sunday! It was a great group of us, fantastic atmosphere and a good party. We had special priced Ping Pong tables just for Who Londoners and we organised an extra half hour of play too! The food we organised (above photo) was thoroughly enjoyed between the games.

If you missed our videos via our newsletter they’re below for you, as well as first of all some new photos that we had yet to share and some really complimentary feedback we got….

***Next up is Hobson’s Choice on Bank Holiday Monday, 29th August.***

Enjoying our food selection

“Different – fun – lovely food!”

“A fun activity to do as fellas meeting new people. Also nice nibbles and drink.”

Who Londoners

“People were very pleasant, everyone participated and made the afternoon enjoyable.”

Carole and David

“It was unusual and fun. Everyone gelled. Food and wine good standard. Table tennis tables, bats and balls were quality and…I felt a youngster again!”

“…and it’s made me realise I should get back to playing table tennis after a gap of ten years.”

“Alex was very friendly and welcoming. Nice crowd of people and good food.” 

“Pre-event: ease of booking. Clear instructions in Alex’s email on the Friday before…”

“I would like to thank you for your kind message and the follow-up you are giving so well to the Bounce party of last Sunday.”

“See you at another Who [London] event soon.”

Here are a couple of brief fun videos from our special Bounce Party!
Doubles Games
Singles Games

Don’t forget to join us at our next event this Bank Holiday Monday – bookings close shortly.