Our Events Organisation During COVID-19

The last 5 months of the Coronavirus Pandemic have been challenging for everyone. At Who London we had to cancel our Theatre event: Message In A Bottle, our Good-Friday Get-Together and our Upstairs @ Ronnie Scott’s event (due to be rescheduled).

We haven’t been able to host an in-person event for such a long time, but we’ve been busy trying different things, keeping in touch and getting ready for our future meetup plans when safety allows.

Lots of you joined our free Who London Socialisers Facebook Group and we are loving it over there on our private group, sharing both interesting and amusing posts! Come and join us if you haven’t yet.

One of our first steps during lockdown was to find out how you felt about Virtual Online Live Video Meetups through our survey, so thank you to those of you who spared a few moments to tell us your thoughts. This survey led to our hosting Who London’s Virtual Pub and then Who London’s Virtual Pub Rooms. It was great fun and you can find out more here.

We also found some brilliant virtual entertainment on offer and shared with you our Virtual Things To Do blog post for some ideas whilst missing London’s vibrant atmosphere.

As time went on we had some interesting future event ideas ourselves and held a Virtual Introductions To Upcoming Events online talk, which included our offering Gift Cards to Key Workers as a token of our appreciation of their work during the Coronavirus outbreak. Our next Virtual Introductions To Upcoming Events is on Wednesday evening, 26th August and you can still book a free ticket now

Later on we had a recap on How Who London’s 2020 Has Been So Far, which really lifted our spirits – it was a fabulous first few months of 2020! Following this we showed you some of our pub & bar event photos and some of our dining out event photos. Then, recently we sent out a “guess the venues” newsletter, reminiscing some of our favourite places to visit.

Increasingly missing seeing everyone, we decided to create a lockdown survey to find out how everyone was doing. We had a terrific response and we shared the results on our blog Super Saturday Pub, Bars & Restaurants Reopening.

Then on 9th July it was our 6th birthday and so we celebrated by starting planning future events. A few days later our We’ll Meet Again Soon campaign launched too! We'll Meet Again Soon

The last 5 months have actually gone really fast for us. Our latest change has been our updating our Terms so we are all as safe as possible.

When the time comes we will also ask that our hosts and event attendees all bring sanitisers to events when the time comes, or frequently wash their hands well during our get-togethers, as well as coming with tissues to our events and potentially masks if necessary.

We also emphatically ask that you do not join our events if you are unwell – please rather wait until you are better so as to look after both yourself and other Who Londoners.

Please stay in touch as we love to hear from you.

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