Past Events

You Should Come To Our Introductions Events

We host fun Introductions Events for Londoners 50+. They take place early evening on the second Sunday of each month.

"Dress to impress" as you would for a night on the town! Our hosts are always ready to welcome you and really love making sure everyone is included.

Introductions Events will start early evening at 5pm, a perfect time for pre-dinner drinks and a great way to round off your week.

Our Introductions Events are for mingling and our hosts get our events flowing!

Our private room with our own bar and a few seating areas is just right for our Club atmosphere, where everyone moves round to socialise in different groups. That way you'll meet a lot more people.

Each month we will have one or two different activities at our Introductions events, such as "Rummy Table" or "Karaoke Corner". You'll have a chilled evening with a little twist in-between all those conversations!

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