How a Shocking Year Transformed our Events Club for Londoners 50+

Our Events Club for Londoners 50+ recently relaunched after a shocking year.

We're guessing you learned a new skill/took up a hobby and became "Zoomed-out" during 2021?

And that you couldn't wait to socialise again, stop feeling lonely and to make new friends, or maybe meet someone special....

Whilst we couldn’t run in-person events until the Autumn, we had plenty of time over 2021 to jazz up a new Who London Events Club for Londoners 50+. It's a perfect way for you to meet new people.


Who London Refreshed

As we were soon to relaunch we devised new branding to highlight our new Events Club. Our logo was modernised with a new font, grey became black, and our revised strapline reads “New Connections With Hosted Events”.

We wanted to emphasise the focal point of Who London. This is good old-fashioned hosting at modern drinks & mingling events. It's the perfect combination to make new friends with others 50+.


Revamped Membership

We created new membership perks providing much more value.

Most notably members can get their Early Bird event ticket at 50% off the guest rate if booking at least 3 weeks in advance of the event. Even after this time a member ticket is still 30% off.

And we’ve also included a free welcome drink for members at every single event.

So for the year you could save £342.

The main feature add-on is our private member messaging, meaning you can inbox another Who London member through your account on our website.

You can also send someone a “Friend Request” to connect and comment on our member-only blog posts. These are great ways to keep the conversations flowing and make friendships....

Then we now have a monthly member newsletter, Who London Handpicked, to offer ideas of places to visit with other Who Londoners with whom you've gelled.

And if you are completely new to Who London, we started our optional 15-minute welcome chat video/phone call for members as well. We want you to feel a big part of our Events Club.


Monthly Events

Every second Sunday we reserve a space for Who Londoners and our hosts facilitate the evening from start to finish.

Our new monthly event combines parts of "speed-friending" with our previous pub "Introductions" events. It's all about the mingling and you'll chat in groups so it's a more natural, easy-going environment.

Rather than just a drinks meetup, our structured event works similarly to a networking event, only it's much more relaxed. Each 20mins we’ll move round and form new groups to socialise.

This way you’ll meet a lot of people in one evening, rather than a few.

You’ll be given a piece of paper on arrival telling you which table/bar area to go to for which round when our bells ring.

It’s all planned for you, so there’s no awkwardness choosing where to go to next or who to speak with.


Club Venue

We were over the moon to secure a regular spot at The Counting House pub, a few minutes’ walk from Bank Station.

It’s a stunning place to enjoy time out, with high ceilings, chandeliers, plenty of space and a beautiful circular bar. The place just oozes character & history - a super talking point when meeting new people!



Alison and Maureen continue to enjoy some hosting with us and we welcome Diane and Viviane. Our hosts are all very different, offering complementary hosting qualities to our events.

Each of our events have 2-6 hosts who shape the event and take part in the mixing too. You can find out more below about our most regular hosts, all of who make Who London events so welcoming and successful.

Who London Introductions Hosts

Here's our next event, where you can have fun socialising with other Londoners 50+!



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