Saturday’s Virtual Pub Rooms Included The Brain Dunn Inn Room!

We’ve hosted Who London’s Virtual Pub and lots of Who Londoners introduced themselves there. As we had a large group for this event, last weekend we hosted Who London’s Virtual Pub Rooms, where we chatted in lots of smaller groups and then mixed up the groups a few times.

This event is similar to our Speed-Friending event, yet we “speed-friend” in groups rather than 1-2-1s. The event was a hit: “It was good fun and nice to be able to chat to other people. Thank you!” “I would like to see more Who London virtual events.” “After 10 weeks of lockdown it was great to have human interaction and a little chat. It was well organised and managed.” “Excellent go to place. I went as invited by friend…” Just keep it up once or maybe twice a week. Hopefully after lockdown we can all meet again and enjoy a pub in real life.”

We had an interesting choice of pub room names and chose one from one of our newer Who Londoners: “The Brain Dunn Inn Room“!

Below are several comments about Who London’s Virtual Pub Rooms event. It went so well that we have now arranged our next virtual event and you’re of course invited!

We really love hosting our virtual events and do several hours of planning to ensure the event runs smoothly. These virtual events have been free until now and we can continue this for Who London members at the moment, but there will be a small fee this time for non-members to ensure we can continue running our organisation with no government funding. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon for a fun event with us.

“What did you like about this Who London virtual event?”

“Chance to meet and talk with others moving into different rooms.”

“Getting to know new people.”

“Some interesting people.”

“Meeting lots of new people.”

“….Thank you Alex. It broke up a lockdown Saturday afternoon esp with good weather and it was nice to hear from fellow Who Londoners.”

“It was a well-structured and hosted event. The breakout rooms enabled participants to interact more and get to know each other. The atmosphere was lively and friendly.”

“Today’s virtual event was even more better to have virtual pub rooms. It was great experience, first time of mine.”

“I was initially nervous about doing this but I liked that everyone was really easy to chat with.”

“Informal relaxed friendly atmosphere, easy to follow.”

“Yes I loved the breakout rooms where you could mix and talk with everyone and get to know them rather than talking over each other in the main room. Really enjoyable and my guest xxxx from xxxx had a really welcoming time. Great fun.”

“Fun to meet new people.”

“Relaxed way organiser Alex provided this event. Sociable positive people who were just happy to communicate with each other. Interesting first time experience of Breakout Rooms (appropriately named!) and so felt sense of achievement in being part of it. Event ran smoothly and hard work to arrange it was appreciated!”

“Nice to meet and be able to talk to a number of different people and groups.”

“It was interesting.”

“Was there anything you disliked about this Who London virtual event?”



“Yes, the breakaways were a good idea, but it takes a while to settle, just as things got going and the conversation started to flow, it was time to swap out again.”


“Sussing out how to use Zoom on my mobile, in the end I comprehended.”




“struggled with the phone call up on mobile getting in…”



“No. Was exactly as was said on the tin!”


“Not really disliked but never enough time to talk.”

See what events we are now planning.



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