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Now Non-Members and Guests Can Come To Events Too!

We’re excited to announce our enhanced event booking process and offers at Who London!

We understand some of you want to join our events but:
• You can’t get into London so often, e.g. if you live outside London or work outside London, or perhaps live abroad and only work in London sometimes;
• You have a varied work or other time schedule with some months busier than others;
• You have extended holidays or holiday several times a year.

No problem!

You won’t miss out on our London events due to any of the above! We have launched an additional easy and convenient way to book events with us.

Events are now open to non-members

Simple: our new booking system enables you to book events whether you’re a member or not, but member tickets will be reserved at a special rate. Whether you’re a member or not, don’t wait until the last minute to book though – as our event providers get everything together for the event, ticket prices might increase as we approach each event date. RSVP now!

More member benefits on their way

Members gain further benefits, such as the opportunity to interact with others by commenting on our blog posts, and we’re currently working on our partnerships to make sure you get great discounts with other organisations too. Our member benefits together have a value of more than our £5 a month membership (and remember you can cancel your monthly membership any time). If it’s your first event why not try an event out as a non-member if you prefer and then once you see how much you enjoyed your Who London event you can easily become a member as soon as you like!

Come along with a guest or two or….

Whether you’re a member or not, you can now book events for other people too, so if you want to book for friends, a partner or a family member, just choose the amount of tickets you want and fill in each guest’s details before confirming your booking. Each of you will receive your confirmation ticket and it’s a great way for you to book a ticket for someone as a Christmas or birthday gift! (If you’re a member you can still get your discount on your own ticket, but other tickets for the same event will be at full rate.)

Do remember Who London events are exclusively for anyone 50+ and all our events are always within the fantastically diverse London.

Come and try out an event if you haven’t already – you’ll be warmly welcomed!

Get in touch now for more info, or add your email address on the bottom right hand corner of this page to stay up to date with the latest Who London events and special offers.



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