VE Day 70 Celebrations

For those who missed our VE Day 70 Party in Stephens House & Gardens in Finchley, it was a terrific day. The sun was shining, echoing the bright celebration in store for us all.

Celebrating the end of World War II means so much to so many people, whose family and friends fought for us, as well as those who we’ll never know did. VE Day 70 events mark such a meaningful and poignant day in history. 70 years on and we commemorate the end of World War II.

At Stephens House & Gardens on Sunday we enjoyed live music from the English Jazz Orchestra, The Three Belles, and singer Lynda Styan, but there was a sense of remembrance between these fantastic performances too, not least because of the ex-Service men and women who joined us, but also because of the fantastic vintage dress some wore which took us back in time.

Amongst the smiles there was a peaceful atmosphere which really conveyed what VE Day means. There was also a warm sense of community as everyone acknowledged each other sharing a word or two or more.

In the air we felt a tone of thankfulness as families sat on the green with beautiful garden views, and couples and friends danced to the music and browsed the stalls which ranged from charity displays to jewellery and accessories, children’s toys and clothes, as well as the Hendon & District Archaeological Society’s stand.

When you come to Stephen’s House & Gardens you are immediately within a little world of magic, where you capture nature and history combined. You’re completely contained by the amazingly wonderful estate that Mr “Inky” Stephens bequeathed to us all.

With thanks to Stephens House & Gardens for putting together such a memorable day.

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