Who London Speed-Friending Event

It’s our first Speed-Friending event on Saturday 6th April!

Speed-Friending is brilliantly sociable and the best way to meet everyone properly. It’s good fun as an icebreaker with other Who Londoners.

Let’s have a drink and get chatting some more! We’ve also ensured time at the end to mingle, so you can see that this event is going to be busy, lively and good fun.

We’re ready!
1. Icebreaker Guide for everyone printed.
2. Name stickers written up.
3. Welcome drink tokens created.

Top Tips….
– If you’re on Facebook, join our Who London 50+ Socialisers group now and get to know others already.
– Choose something to wear for the event that makes you feel and look bright.
– Arrive promptly as we’ll start with a welcome drink before beginning the Speed-Friending (timing is everything for this event!).
– Use your three minutes with everyone wisely and decide beforehand whether you want to find out about the other person’s hobbies or more about what their aspirations are.

On arrival come upstairs – we’ve reserved the whole upstairs just for us. There you’ll be warmly welcomed and given your name sticker and drink token. Then you can take a seat, order your welcome drink and enjoy it whilst having a look at your icebreaker guide. Then we can get started!

See our event listings page now.



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