Will You Be Part Of The Faulty Towers Dining Experience?

The Faulty Towers Dining Experience is on 27th November and bookings will close on Sunday 20th November. Want to know more about what will happen at one of these events? We asked Beckie Smith, Imagination Workshop’s Head of Marketing, all about the event….

1. Do the actors for your Faulty Towers Dining Experience create new scenes, base the drama exactly on Fawlty Towers episodes, or do a mixture of both?
The show is a loving tribute to the BBC TV programme but the best thing about our show is that 70% is improvised on the day, which means you never know what you are going to get and you never see the same performance twice. There are certain rehearsed scenes of the show which are scripted true to the character, but the whole event is a surprise from start to finish.

2. How does the event begin?
Audiences are welcomed into the venue and enjoy pre-performance drinks in the bar. Suddenly, something is happening in the corner of the room. You may be standing right beside it. You may be the other side of the room. But either way, very quickly, you realise that the chaos has started, and the show has begun. Basil, Sybil and Manuel hilariously show you to your seat. The show is then in full swing and you will be laughing the afternoon away.

3. How involved would our guests be as they are in the middle of the performances?
Everyone can be as involved – or not – as they wish to be. We always say that the audience call the shots and we stand by that. It is easy for our actors to identify those people who are up for getting involved, as more often than not they make themselves known right from the start – these people often have a kind of energy about them that our actors pick up on. Similarly, those people happier to watch the action from a distance are welcome to do just that. It is in everyone’s interest to have the best afternoon possible and the actors do a brilliant job at ensuring everyone’s expectations and preferences are catered for.

4. Is there time to enjoy the food during the comedy?!
Yes, definitely. You are served a 3-course meal. Remember though, that you are served by Basil, Sybil and Manuel so anything can happen! Action happens all around you: before, during, and after you eat to ensure the entertainment hurtles along non-stop. But don’t worry, everyone is given the necessary time to eat, enjoy and digest in comfort.

5. Is there a dress code for our lunch event with you?
No, not at all. Our theatre shows are open to everyone and anyone, and we are proud that this is the case. At every performance, there is a real mixture of dress and no-one ever stands out. Some people will be celebrating, so will dress up accordingly. Some people like to make an occasion of it, but of course some people come straight from work and don’t have time to change. So really and truly, wear what you feel comfortable in.

6. How many people attend each of these events?
Faulty Towers The Dining Experience takes place at Amba Hotel in Charing Cross, a venue which suits us well as there are many rooms available in which we can perform. There are never less than 50 people in the room. Sometimes there are as many as 120 people. We are lucky because we can choose a room best suited to the size of audience on the day.

Get Sunday 27th November in the diary and join us at the Amba Hotel! Don’t forget bookings close Sunday 20th November.