Wimbledon Determination

What leisure activities do you enjoy over the summer? Have you picked up a new hobby or are you forever obsessed with SW19?

With Wimbledon approaching its second week it’s a great motivator to dig out that dusty racket and get active, or follow the tennis seniors’ attitudes and focus on enjoying your favourite outdoor activity.

The Senior Invitation Doubles teams are still going strong. How will Greg Rusedski get on and will Ivanisevic stand tall above the rest? Mansour certainly continues to show the fun you can have with racquet skills and Woodbridge & Woodforde continue with trying to still steal the show – we’re hoping Bates & Wilkinson have something to say about that! As for the ladies, will Bartoli cause an upset or Navratilova show the ladies what’s what?

The Wimbledon Championship players always highlight the significance of determination, not just Murray’s generation, but also those that showed them how to do it!

Get set for more Who London activity events coming soon – keep your eye on the ball here!



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