Year 2 Has Begun

We have been having a busy time of it, which is great: just how we like it!

Following our 1 year birthday celebrations we are creating a plan of action for year 2…and we have lots in store. Above is a photo of a few of our lovely guests from our birthday meetup on Wednesday where we discussed some interesting ideas for events, so the planning is well and truly underway….

We’ll be holding some more meetups where you can ask us to organise anything that takes your fancy and you can hear from others about their favourite event types too. So far, added suggestions to our already popular events include guided walks, talks and cooking classes. Tell us what you think!

Many of our events have been at various times of the day, but we’re going to make sure we have more great evenings lined up too. Our next evening event is in two weeks at Chez Mal, a relaxing setting in Malmaison hotel. We’ve organised an exclusive set dinner so check it out and join us.

Remember if you’re a member you can comment below, or please get in touch with us here.



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