You All Gave Us A Great Birthday Bash!

Our 5th Birthday Bash on Saturday 10th August was spectacular, so much so that the party continued for an extra hour!

Everyone who booked their ticket arrived super cheerful and we had a fabulous time together, with our Alex and Carole hosting. With lots of our regulars and newcomers alike, conversations didn’t stop and we’re so happy that Who Londoners had such a brilliant time. We shared a whopping food spread, not to mention champagne and the sparkling birthday cake….

Here are some comments from our post-event survey questions and a selection of our photos.

5th Bday Bash collage1 5th Bday Bash collage2

What did you like about this Who London event?
“Nice restaurant, great food and a smashing selection of people attending the event. The conversations were interesting and everyone seemed to enjoy the afternoon.”
“Lovely friendly people, great restaurant and food.”
“Good crowd, good venue, lovely food, everybody conversation flowing.”
“The organisers, good vibes and great food. Credit to Who London.”
“Food was lush, good company.”
“Lovely people and lovely food: perfect!”
“Nice venue, food was good, met very nice people. Alex and Carole excellent hosts.”
“Did not last long enough, wow time went so quickly.”

Do you have any other comments about this event or Who London?
“The Who London events are always run well , welcoming friendliness all round,”
“Our hosts, Alex & Carole outstanding, thank you so much”
“I’m enjoying being a member of Who London.”
“Who London is such a nice surprise: it’s just so nice to meet people from different walks of life and have a nice time with them.”
“I look forward to the next one.”
“Alex organises wonderful events. Long may it continue.”

Thanks to everyone who made this event so special. We’ve had a super Who London year with lots of different events, such as Cavern Sunday Lunch, Saturday Speed-Friending and Pop-Up Circus Evening.

Here’s what’s happening next.



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